Had no idea I needed a bookkeeper. What a change. My books are done, my invoicing is now done when it should be, people are paid on time, etc. I hate admitting I needed help, and this is what was missing. And now we have payroll in place. What a change! Thanks, Ann!

Jessie B.Long Beach, CA

I’m one of those people who likes to do everything myself so that I know it’s done the right way. As a small business owner, I wear many hats, and sometimes some of the daunting small business tasks, such as bookkeeping, just get put on the back burner. I got to a place in my business where I was (fortunately) so busy working to make money that I got really backlogged in my paperwork. 

My small business advisor at Chase Bank on 2nd Street recommended Ann, and said that I should at least get everything up to date. I handed over some statements and a mismatched pile of receipts that were not categorized or in order, and I was handed a beautifully organized pile of stapled receipts and printouts of all kinds of financial reports. What took her only a few hours would have easily taken me a few days. 

I COMPLETELY TRUST Ann to do a great, honest job, and I I love having the peace of mind that she brings. I know my bookkeeping is in good hands, and she is quick to notice when something isn’t just right. The world needs more people like Ann!

Ann, thanks for keeping me sane!

K P.Long Beach, CA

Saves you time and money, plus lowers your stress level!

Donald B.Redondo Beach, CA